It's a new way of thinking

The world is full of opportunities and problems which need creative solutions,

but too often we are distracted by engrained behaviour and flawed systems.

Innovation can only come about through thinking differently, but first you need to be inspired to take the step.

More than a lecture, more than a venue.

Curated Seasonally:

Art, Fashion, Food, Music, Access to creativity.

We believe everyone has great ideas, but not every person practices creative thinking.

Make the everyday extraordinary.


Organisations and companies can benefit from our showcase sessions, where people that are currently creating: can inspire participants. 

Those showcasing receive a fair exchange for their time and work. 

For those unable to pay for sessions, we offer an open platform - on and offline - which showcases work and provides suggestions on how to be more creative. 



Our Coffeeshop

Branch City Coffee Roasters


Our Garden Creative Space

The Parks Club 



Our Coworking Space

Assembly LDN East


Our Workshop

The Foundry


Living it up in London.


In London, we believe a true community shouldn't be gated or fenced in – it should seamlessly meld into its surroundings. That's why we chose London's creative Hackney neighborhood for our location.